Call Potential

Multi-channel Communication Command Center

You’ll have access to multi-channel communication tools like text, email, live and recorded calls to better follow up on leads, automate past due rent reminders, and even start your own internal call center.

Increase Lead to Rental Conversions by 27% or More

By tracking and recording every call, you’ll have the tools to capture and follow-up on every lead following a customized, predetermined message schedule. All calls, emails and texts are recorded in the platform allowing for easy performance evaluation for self storage businesses of all sizes.

Past Due Rent Reminders Increase Autopay Sign-ups and Reduce Auctions

Automate your past due rent reminders with a combination of text, email, live and recorded calls. Determine what day of the week, time of day and form of communication works best for your tenants with the ability to communicate with tenants the day their rent is due.

CallPotential is an award-winning communication and automation platform that uses multi-channel communication tools such as text, email, live and recorded calls set to automatically go out using your business rules. Whether you are sending past due rent reminders, or following up on your sales pipeline, activities are tracked and recorded in your property management software.

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