SecurGuard by Janus

Cost Savings

Combines a lock, automated overlocking and monitoring in one product – saves on the cost of these individual solutions, if purchased separately, shortening the return on investment time frame


Automates the move-in and overlocking process – allows for online and after hour rentals, prevents access to delinquent tenants, provides immediate access to tenants upon payment and discourages tailgating


Interior (inside-the-door) locking and monitoring – makes the lock more secure and difficult to tamper with or defeat. Solid and tamper-resistant (secure) locking mechanism – ensures that the lock is engaged and tamper-resistant to discourage would-be burglars

Janus International Group has been serving the commercial sheet door market and self-storage industry since 2002. However, the experienced team at Janus has been involved in the profession for more than 100 years. Founded by President David Curtis, he had the vision of bringing to market the 3rd Generation door system, which incorporates the maintenance-free dead axle design which has set the bar for superior door manufacturing. Understanding that continued business means more than good door design, Curtis has assembled experienced customer service personnel, innovative estimators and a knowledgeable sales and production team to offer a full-service experience to each and every customer.

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The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit

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