Online Rentals


Companies like Expedia and Amazon have made transacting online commonplace for most people, but still the vast majority of self storage websites aren’t capable of completing a transaction. We have brought together the technology necessary for our members to offer this experience to their renters.


Say a renter has their credit card ready and wants to move in right now. Can they do so on your website? The longer you let a lead linger, the less chance you have of getting them to convert. A reservation just isn’t as good as a move in.


Our online rental platform integrates with all of the major facility management software on the market. We want to provide our members with an easy online rental platform. No changing software. Just simple move ins.

Today’s renter expects a transaction experience that is quick, easy and safe. By providing online rentals on your website you’re not only giving renters what they want, you’re also putting more money in your pocket.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit

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