SBA Financing

Banking with Self Storage in Mind

Live Oak Bank has a team dedicated to the needs of self storage operators. Are you constructing a new facility from the ground up? Are you acquiring an existing facility? Are you adding RV storage or retrofitting a building? Live Oak Bank understands the challenges, requirements and most importantly, the language of the self storage industry, so you’ll always be understood.

Lending Experts

Live Oak Bank has history of working with self storage operators that goes back decades. You can rest assured that you’re partnering with true lending experts.

Financing Edge

You’ve got big dreams for your self storage business. Whether you’re just stepping into this rapidly growing industry or looking to make your next big move, you can’t do it without the right financing. Live Oak Bank can help you compete in an ever-evolving industry.

Live Oak Bank’s mission is to provide self storage owners and operators with financing that meets their needs through a cash-flow lending model. You can expect longer terms, competitive rates and no balloons or financial covenants.

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The Technology Gap

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