Led Lighting

Time for a Turnkey Solution

You may not know the Federal Government is phasing out non-LED lights. All commercial buildings will soon have to upgrade, and Cost Segregation Services Incorporated (CSSI) can make this process easy. By providing a turnkey solution that includes a fully engineered audit with multiple options, all materials, labor, incentive, administration, disposal, recycling and closeout, CSSI will take care of every facet of the project as well as stand behind it for years to come. The LED conversions you’ll have to do can lead to big tax savings in the realm of $50-$90k for every $100,000 spent.

Better, More Efficient Lighting

CSSI’s products are custom manufactured at the time of order for each client’s specific needs, ensuring clients receive the latest in LED technology. When comparing wattage, their lights cost as much as 40% less than their competitors. This higher quality light will not only make your facility more visually appealing, it will lower your energy costs 30-60% on average.

Best Cost and Warranty

By cutting out the middle men, CSSI is able to offer factory direct pricing as well as direct shipping. Multiple financing options are available, and no out of pocket cash is required to implement a conversion. Many clients experience immediate positive cash flow, but recovery averages 1-2 years. CSSI’s 10 year parts warranty is already double the industry standard and can be extended up to a 10 year parts and labor warranty.

CSSI is an independent energy management and consulting firm offering Efficiency Lighting Services (ELS) both in the US and internationally. CSSI is able to help commercial property owners upgrade their facilities and receive all of the tax saving benefits they deserve.

Partner Benefits

  • No-cost analysis.
  • Manufacturer direct pricing
  • 100% no cash out of pocket financing
  • Tax savings and compliance with tangible property regulations
  • Standard 10 year parts warranty, can be extended to include labor
  • The latest technology rated to 100,000 hours
  • Quick swap solutions
  • Made in the USA
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved lighting
  • 30%-60% average improved energy costs
  • Increased property value

All Fluorescent and Incandescent must go!

  • 2012 - 100 Watt incandescent phase out
  • 2013 - 75 Watt incandescent phase out
  • 2014 - 40 & 60 Watt incandescent phase out
  • 2015 - current LED lighting will be upgraded

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

LED Upgrade with Energy Savings
Office Building 190,000 Sq Foot
Acquired June 2002
Cost Basis 26 Million
Product and Labor Cost to Convert to LED Lighting $189,543
Years to Recover Cost of LED Conversion 1.22 Years
Annual Cost of Lighting Prior to LED Conversion $143,443
Annual Cost of Lighting After LED Conversion $43,679
Ongoing Annual Savings After LED Conversion $99,655

Case Study 3

LED Upgrade with Tax Savings
Office Building-Houston, TX 100,000 sq. ft.
Comprehensive LED Lighting Upgrade (Cost) ($106,981)
Annual Electricity Savings after upgrade $32,263
Reduction in (Maintenance Costs) $36,281
Labor and Disposal Expense on Project $9,031
Partial Disposition Savings $15,563
Final Net Cost of Project ($13,843)
Payout Period 5 Months with tax savings vs 14.3 months
Additional Cost Segregation Savings $458,495
Cash Flow to Fund Other Energy Savings Projects

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  • Drastically lower energy costs
  • Industry’s best warranty
  • Cutting edge technology

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