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Technology at Your Fingertips

As a Storelocal member, Vivid IP is your resource to access the nationwide network of internet service providers, telecom providers as well as Cloud Services and Saas Products.

Our Time @ No Cost

They say that membership has its privileges, and this is certainly one of them. For Storelocal members, Vivid IP will consult with and help you secure the correct solution for your facilities, at no cost to you.

Saving You Money

You know what’s even better than a no-cost service? A no-cost service that saves you money. Vivid IP has saved self storage customers an average of $965 per year, per facility when compared to existing services while greatly improving speed and quality. Just imagine what you’d do with an extra $965.

Vivid IP was founded in 2007 and is a trusted Procurement Partner in the areas of Data Centers (Cloud/Colo) and Telecom (connectivity/calling). Since its founding, the Organization has grown to become a respected IT company through the development of solutions for clients ranging in size from Startups to Small Enterprise. Vivid IP manages the procurement process, utilizing our vast network of 350+ providers so that companies can focus on the daily tasks of running their businesses. By acting as an extension of your business’s existing IT team, Vivid IP sits on the client’s side of the table, providing expertise in solutions architecture and contract negotiations.

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The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit

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